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Success story of Abelson Marbaniang

Shri. Abelson Marbaniang, popularly known as Bah Ion, hails from a non-descript village in Mawreng under Mawphlang Community and Rural Development Block. He started his farming as an ordinary vegetable grower but gradually diversified to floriculture. Today, he is one of the most successful growers of flowers and fruit plants in the East Khasi Hills District. This is his story…..

Being a lover of flowers, he nursed an ambition of transforming his acres of prime agricultural land into a floral garden. Inspite of the idea being far fetched at that point in time, he embarked on this journey of raising a flower nursery in the year 1987. Later on,in the year 1998 with the assistance and technical guidance of the Department of Agriculture through Technology Mission(TMNEH), he constructed a polyhouse where he multiply his plants as per modern package of practices. This success, boosted his confidence to start growing exotic flower seeds in Polyhouses&Shade nets, and this venture also became very successful, the demand for his produce increased and he could command a premium from the customers. Presently, his nursery is generating a net income of 1.5 lakh rupees per annum from the sale of planting materials