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Vegetable Seed Production

Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri 65 years of age a resident of Laitjem village which is about 22 Kms from Shillong is one of the progressive farmer in Mylliem village of East Khasi Hills.He and his family owned a plot of land not less than 3 hactare and grow varieties of vegetables viz.cauliflower, radish, turnip, pea etc. Regarding potato he is one of the farmer registered under the Department for seed multiplication. Five years back Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri seeing the shortage of vegetable seeds faced by the farmers in his village and the surrounding areas he started on his own innitiative “Vegetable Seed Production for cole crops” in his land. With the launching of Technology Mission on Horticulture the Department has given him assistance on Private Nursery under TMH/2007-08/2R for “Vegetable Seed Production Nursery”. Since then, Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri seeing the potentiality he has progress tremendously in this field.

This has enhanced his activities and through his Nursery he is able to produce vegetable seeds annually. Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri market the seeds locally to the farmers of near and far villages without any difficulty and is earning approximately 1.5 lakh annually. Thus Setting up of “Vegetable Seed Production” Nursery in this place is a great success and Shri Drepshon Kharpuri through his hard work beside getting income for himself has uplift the farming community as a whole.