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Success Stories under Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States

Temperate Fruit Nursery

East Khasi Hills District has witnessed various transformations in these past few years especially through interventions of HMNEH scheme. The district is known for its potential in temperate fruits and realising its strength, the implementing authority under the supervision and technical expertise of the office of the Horticulture Development Officer, Mawphlang decided to take up raising of nursery for Temperate fruits in farmer's field....Readmore>>

Vegetable Seed Production

Shri. Drepshon Kharpuri 65 years of age a resident of Laitjem village which is about 22 Kms from Shillong is one of the progressive farmer in Mylliem village of East Khasi Hills. He and his family owned a plot of land not less than 3 hactare and grow varieties of vegetables viz.cauliflower, radish, turnip, pea etc. ...Readmore>>

Citrus Rejuvenation

The areas like Mawphu, Umblai, Nongsteng and all their adjoining areas have been considered as the main producers of oranges in Meghalaya for the last 15 years or so but the production has dropped down in the last 4-5 years due to senile orchard, climate change, attack of insect pests and diseases, lack of nutrients, loss of top soil and more importantly mismanagement and total negligence of the orchard. ...Readmore>>

Sucess Story of Shri Lalit Rongpi

Shri. Lalit. Rongpi and his wife Smt. Antimaris Lyngdoh , made a significant success among the farmers in Ri-Bhoi District. in vegetable and fruit cultivation. This noble feat achieved by this couple comes with the assistance of HMNEH Scheme through the District Horticulture Office, Nongpoh in Ri-Bhoi District . ...Readmore>>

Pineapple in Ri-Bhoi

Shangbangla Village under Umling C&RD Block of Ri- Bhoi District is one of the villages who have more than 70 household being benefited through HMNEH under Pineapple cultivation. ...Readmore>>