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Success Stories under Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States

Cauliflower Cultivation

Smti. Phinorian Kharkongor of Kharnongwah Village in Mawphlang C&RD Block,is one of the farmer who has taken up large scale commercial cultivation of cauliflower. Tracking back her past records, Phinorian has been a very hard and sincere farmer who took up various farming activities by growing different varieties of vegetables like cabbage, beetroot, french bean etc....Readmore>>

Vegetable Cultivation in East Garo Hills

Shri Bearson Marak residing in the village of Chisobibra, Samanda, East Garo Hills, which is just 9 km from Williamnagar is one of the farmers who is taking interest in growing vegetables for commercial purposes. With the intervention of HMNEH in his village, took the opportunity to work with the Horticulture Department to bring awakening among the fellow villagers. ...Readmore>>

Cabbage Cultivation in Laitkynsew

Laitkynsew,located at about 15 Kms from Sohra, is one of the villages in East Khasi Hills which has a great potential for vegetable cultivation., Laitkynsew is well known for its organic farming of vegetables especially local tomato, cabbage, mustard, lettuce etc. ...Readmore>>

Floriculture in East Khasi Hills

Shri Charles Born Rapthap of Mawphlang village in East Khasi Hills district is one of the successful beneficiaries who got the opportunity to transform his economic condition through intervention of HMNEH Scheme. ...Readmore>>

Vegetable Cultivation At Rikwarenggre

Most people living in this part of East Garo Hills earn the livelihood mostly by cutting firewood, timber, and some of them are daily labourers. In Samanda C&RD Block , plains areas paddy is being cultivated as main crop whereas in hilly areas people practice shifting cultivation (Jhum) to grow the vegetables and cereal crops. With the launched of HMNEH in the state, new changes has been observed in the area. ...Readmore>>