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Success Stories under Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States

Vegetable Seed production in East Khasi Hills

Shri.Drepshon Kharpuri 65 years of age is a resident of Laitjem village which is about 22 Kms from Shillong is one of the progressive farmer under Mylliem Block in East Khasi Hills.He and his family owned a plot of land not less than 3 hactare and grow varieties of vegetables like cauliflower, radish, turnip, pea etc...Readmore>>

Banana Plantation in Garo Hills

The Garo Hills region has immense potential for growing wide array of Horticultural Crops. Its also offers farmable soil and climate conditions for cultivation of various Horticultural Crops. The plantation signifies the main alternative to shifting cultivation. It has been carried out in the slopes which intensely prevent soil erosion and as well as in the plain areas . ...Readmore>>

Tissue Culture Banana in Jaintia Hills

The Hill Banana which is predominant in these hills have been in existence for decades together however the drawback is availability of planting materials in large numbers. Hence with the intervention of Tissue Culture methodology, the mother plants were identified and rhizomes collected and treated with . ...Readmore>>

Pine-apple cultivation in East Khasi Hills

Pineapple was grown mostly in the lowerbelt of Pynursla Block for years. Though pineapple was also grownin the area by farmers since ‘ timeimmemorial as intercrops with Betelnut, Tezpatta,Orange etc. inhappazard condition. ...Readmore>>

Floriculture Success Story under HMNEH

Edriem Kharkongor , resident of Lumsohriew village located 15kms from Shillong has become a successful grower of different types of flowers. During his early days, Edriem had passion for flowers and other vegetable crops. ...Readmore>>

Vegetable Cultivation in Meghalaya Under HMNEH

Intervention of HMNEH scheme has once again proved an impact on the beneficiaries selected under Mawphlang Development Block. The efficacy of this scheme has brought changes in the mindset of many poor farmers who have responded positively thereby changing the entire socio-economic status of the people in the area. ...Readmore>>